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Why a Ph.D. in Physics is a perilous career path.

You may think you have it figured out. Your life, I mean. You have been studying hard, gotten excellent grades, and are about to graduate with a Science major (like Physics) from a good school. In fact, your ambitions go further: you want to become a scientist. And for that, you need a Ph.D., of course, there is essentially no other way, you must become a doctor. Sure, it will take plenty of time, anywhere between five and six years, you think, but it is worth it. And besides, these days, universities will generously pay for your education the entire* time. It's not a lot of money, but it is good enough for the bare necessities. This was exactly what I thought some years ago. Boy, was that stupid.

Let me explain. You will learn a lot. You will work extremely hard. You will get paid less than a janitor for many years. You may even think you are enjoying it. You may think you are a genius (i.e. that you will follow Einstein's footsteps, literally). However, you should be very careful with regards to the career path that a Ph.D. will lead you to. Why? Because even assuming that you will finish (and many wisely decide to stop), you will be faced with the largest glut of Ph.D.s in modern history: there are simply not enough jobs in academia to fulfill your dreams. After finishing, you are likely to get a postdoctoral position doing interesting research, but you will find out that your compensation is still as much as an administrative assistant's. Do you think that is fair after investing ten years of more in your college education and foregoing a regular salary? The typical American does not find this attractive, so there, more than 50% of the Ph. D. students in the Natural Sciences must be imported from developing countries. The jobs in the government labs may not be suitable for what you want to do, so you will be left with many hard choices. You may either leave your plans to pursue your own research, and find a research job that leads to a reasonable career, or you may decide not to ever give up, and end up spending countless years in poorly paid jobs until you finally get that coveted semi-permanent scientist position. Furthermore, you will have to move continuously from one postdoctoral position to another, as often as once a year or two, and you may not have much say as to where you will have to work next. Finding a professorship job is much less likely than getting stuck in a postdoctoral holding pattern, since, circa 2005, every single open (Physics) assistant professorship position in the U.S. receives between 120 and 180 applications. Yes, you read that correctly, and this is by no means an exaggeration, it is completely accurate. Please indulge me and ask a tenured professor how many applications they got last time they had an opening. Every university with a professorship position in Physics in the U.S., even the small, out-of-the-way liberal arts college receives these many applications. The top schools are in the upper range. The reason is simply supply and demand, coupled with a huge demographic shift and stagnant federal funding for civilian research. Given reasonable demographic and budget projections, this situation is not likely to change much in the next ten or twenty years. So, my advice to you, the prospective Physics Ph.D. student, is to think about this very carefully. You will need a lot of luck, not just talent, to make it through this process in academia. You may need to switch careers mid-way. I would advice you to get a job outside academia as soon as possible after your degree. And wait, there is more...
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I came across your blog while searching for information on Ph.Ds going through similar thinking process. Thank for sharing your thoughts, they seemed to echo my situation. I am doing my Ph.D in Biomedical sciences, nearing thesis submission and defense. I have done pretty decent in grad school, securing fellowship etc. But my advisor wouldn't let me graduate because I have funding for one more year. I am completing six years in Ph.D in addition to 2 years of Masters. I had pretty much dedicated my life to science for the love of science! But I feel trapped now. I feel used, neglected, disrespected. There is no publication in sight if I am not willing to stay an extra year in the lab because the boss wants top quality paper! And after all the hardships, personal sacrifices, the only opportunity we have is another slavery in another lab as a post-doc. I think more people need to voice their concerns or else, the best talents will simply be used and abused and pushed away from science.
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This article rings very true with me, a recent graduate in physics from a top school. I did my masters and refused to do my PhD because I saw the exact same problems with the career path and system that you saw. The current funding system funds project proposals of research groups, not researchers. It allows institutions to fund academic research groups (science sweatshops) rather than hire their own scientists and pay them reasonable salaries.

The result is a glut of PhD graduates with no job opportunities outside academia. The ones that stay in academia to go on the post-doc treadmill make less than the janitors at my university! They are old, have saved little to no money or have massive student loan debt, have to move every 2 years, have extremely limited choice of where they can work, and have competition biting at their heels. The lucky few that are considered for tenure-track must spend the next 5 years working non-stop, 7 days a week, to try to prove their worthy of full-time employment at the university.

The vast majority of people that run on the treadmill end up falling off at some point and into the misery of realizing that employers don't value their degree as much as they thought employers would. The worst thing is, if you do make it as a professor, you end up having to spend most of your time (like my professor and many professors at my institute) in writing funding proposals, attending committees, doing administrative work, attending conferences, organizing conferences, etc. just to keep your research group (science sweatshop) running. You won't be doing much research at all! So what's the point?!

I used to be arrogant in thinking that those without a graduate degree are beneath those without, and that they will never go far in life. Boy was I wrong. I see people I knew from high school that just went to college or picked up a trade, and they make more at age 25 than the salaries of assistant/associate professors at age 35+. Not only that, they've saved more money, some have bought property, and best of all, it's much easier for them to find work.
Now I envy the people that didn't go to grad school.
I realize that this blog and post are nearly seven years old now, but lately I am considering leaving my phd program in physics and have found this information worth reading. I am in the third year of my program (first 2 years were for masters) and I have begun to realize that the research life is not for me. Even of I enjoyed the work I was doing, which I really am not at this point, the sacrifices I would be making do not seem worth it. Even though I have accomplished next-to-nothing in my research topic, it would probably be better to quit now than to wait 2-3 years. I am thinking of applying for teaching licensure programs to become a high school physics teacher. The money wouldn't be that much better (at least not at first), but it is something that I actually enjoy and I think I would be happier with my life.

One of the biggest draws of leaving would be the disappointment it brings to my advisor. I actually rather like my advisor. She is extremely reasonable and a very pleasant person to work with. She has been at my school only as long as I have so I am one of here first 4 students. Being an optimistic assistant professor with hopes of tenure (and success for her students), I don't know how she would take it if one of her students left this early on. I would hate to cause any damage to her reputation or self esteem, but at the same time this alone can't justify be staying and being miserable. I only hope that I could exit gracefully so that she would be willing to write positive recommendations for me in the future.

Again, I enjoyed reading your blog. I would be interested in hearing what you are doing now.
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Sounds like you are all bitter you haven't attained a PhD in Physics. It is by far one of the most engaging and rewarding paths of education and one who achieves it will not struggle to find work. Your OPINION has been duly noted, and perhaps you have thinned out the field of PhD's so that those of us who have a passion for physics and the will power to follow through with our goals can be even more elite in the future. Cheers to all of you business and communications majors :D
Get the PhD in physics. Learn to program, write a book, learn some engineering, develop brand new insights about biology, solve the energy crisis then be a hobo. Master Metallurgy and start flying planes.

You're a physicist now, you've studied nature and have learned a thing or two. The first thing you learned... nature's a bitch, she's more interesting than our best mathematical approximations (which we euphemistically like to call laws). In simple situations, the laws work; in complex situations, they become "highly dependent on initial conditions", and not easily predictable, because to predict would require perfect knowledge of the system (which we don't have).

You couldn't find a dream job in academia? Good for you, the place is a cluster-f*** anyways. There's lots of cool technology out there that Da Vinci never even got a chance to play with... but you can! Now it's time for you to go out and create the future.
This is anony from last post:

The funny thing is... you can do everything above without a PhD in physics too. People respect wisdom and knowledge over titles.
i think phd has nothing to do with job title it good to have phd but if you knowledge that is enough for research work then you can still go for that without having Phd. Phd is fine if you want to study more and more and want to teach physics to graduate student
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Dude...what if we don't want to work in Academia? I want a Ph.D, but I don't want to go anywhere near teaching, so I plan to go into industry (not government). If possible, I want to move out of the country. I didn't decide this because of financial issues with my future Ph.D, I decided this because all of the good research opportunities are out there in European countries.
I will say that granted, a Ph.D going into Academia may be perilous, but you don't HAVE to go into Academia at all. You can work in industry. Sadly, the only thing people ever think about with industry is always computers and business.
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like to cook or feel like you don't have time, there are apps for restaurants also.

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S Voice has been advertised to do certain things Siri couldn't, like launch a camera app or a voice recording app, however I don't think
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